Section Programming


Long-term outcomes for extremely preterm infants: Balancing ethical considerations of resuscitation with long-term impacts on patients and families

Hosted by the CPS Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Section

After presenting some original science, this program begins with discussion of moral/ethical questions related to initiating resuscitation and intensive care for extremely preterm births, taking key variables such as cultural and societal dimensions and caregiver attitudes into consideration. A scientific review of cerebral dysmaturation as a primary consequence of preterm birth follows, along with associated long-term outcomes and new therapeutic potentials. The afternoon features a session on parental perceptions around long-term care and outcomes for infants born extremely preterm, with focus on what they view as important goals in developmental follow-up and what measured outcomes mean most to them. The final session focuses on the physical and mental health of preterm infants as they reach adulthood, with their own perspectives on quality of life and associated challenges.

Schedule (PDF)

Faculty: Stephen Back, MD, John Lantos, MD, Saroj Saigal, MD, Barbara Schmidt, MD and Anne Synnes, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Leader, Health advocate, Scholar, Professional

Topics: Neonatology-perinatology, Developmental paediatrics


Section Programming


Protecting vulnerable youth

Hosted by the CPS Adolescent Health and CPS Child and Youth Maltreatment Sections

Adolescents present a unique spectrum of complex biological and psychosocial needs. Clinicians require the skills to provide health care in a safe and confidential manner, while being mindful of potential ethical and safety issues that may emerge during the clinical encounter. The session uses a case-based approach to introduce strategies for effective engagement with adolescents, tools to foster resilience, and suggestions on interfacing with child protective services when required.

Faculty: Nita Jain, MD, Eva Moore, MD, Tracy Pickett, MD and Dzung Vo, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Collaborator, Health advocate

Topics: Adolescent health, Child abuse and neglect


Section Programming


Hot topics in paediatric allergy

Hosted by the CPS Allergy Section

Part 1: Paediatric allergy patients have increased in prevalence over the last few years. Although vaccine allergy reactions are uncommon, questions about them persist among paediatricians. This presentation reviews the diagnostic approach to this complication in a general paediatric setting. Part 2: Paediatric asthma is a common chronic disease, but diagnosing this condition remains elusive and often difficult. This session focuses on patient education and medication adherence, and reviews the recent practice point on food introduction in patients at risk for developing food allergy. The diagnosis and management of food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) are also addressed, as well as an approach to patients with reactions to insect bites.

Faculty: Elissa Abrams, MD, Scott Cameron, MD, Edmond Chan, MD and Kyla Hildebrand, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Collaborator, Leader, Health advocate, Scholar, Professional

Topics: Allergy and immunology, General paediatrics

Family physician


Section Programming


Eat, sleep, play

Hosted by the CPS Community Paediatrics Section

This program addresses some common problems that arise in healthy children. Evidence-based anticipatory guidance and suggestions enable paediatricians to assess and promote healthy eating, sleep issues and play behaviours.

Faculty: Ana Hanlon-Dearman, MD, Gina Rempel, MD and Anne Murphy Savoie, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Health advocate

Topics: General paediatrics, Developmental paediatrics

Family physician


Section Programming


"Have you got what it takes?” Meeting global health needs for vulnerable and remote populations

Hosted by the CPS Global Child and Youth Health Section

Health disparities don’t respect national borders. This session explores the challenges and opportunities of working with children and families who are: new to Canada; in Canada’s Far North; and in international locations. Three experts discuss the core qualities needed for a successful experience in each of these settings. Smaller group discussions with case scenarios to illustrate common challenges and ideas to prevent and address them are included.

Faculty: Jenn Brenner, MD, Andrea Hunter, MD, and Amber Miners, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Health advocate

Topics: Social paediatrics, International health


Section Programming


“An approach to mental health issues in general paediatric inpatients” and “What’s new in hospital paediatrics, 2017?”

Hosted by the CPS Hospital Paediatrics Section

The morning program focuses on strategies for approaching mental health issues commonly encountered in general paediatric inpatients. Topics include: 1) psychiatric manifestations of medical disease; 2) approaches to medically unexplained symptoms from both the paediatric and psychiatric perspectives; and 3) traumatic stress in hospitalized children and their families. Co-presented by child psychiatrists and paediatricians, this session includes an interactive panel discussion. The afternoon session focuses on emerging literature related to care of the hospitalized child.

Schedule (PDF)

Faculty: Andrea Chapman, MD, Eyal Cohen, MD, Claire De Souza, MD, Tim Oberlander, MD, Tyler Pirlot, MD, Jennifer Walton, MD and Heidi Wilkes, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Health advocate, Scholar, Professional

Topics: Hospital paediatrics, Mental health


Section Programming


Hot topics in paediatric emergency medicine

Hosted by the CPS Paediatric Emergency Medicine Section

The goal of this session is to provide paediatricians and child health professionals with a comprehensive review of key paediatric emergency topics relevant to their particular work setting. Topics include radiology, disaster preparedness, clinical findings that mimic abuse findings, relevant paediatric ER literature from 2015-2017, trampoline and other injuries affecting children, managing conflict in the emergency department and, finally, a review of what’s new in toxicology.

Schedule (PDF)

Faculty: Dominic Allain, MD,Carolyn Cashin, MD, Laurel Chauvin-Kimoff, MD, Quynh Doan, MD, Ran Goldman, MD, Rachel MacIntosh, MD, Heather Rose, MD, Laura Weingarten, MD and Shan Yin, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Health advocate, Scholar, Professional

Topics: Emergency medicine, Toxicology

Family physician


Health break




Crying and yelling at home: Living with parents who have mental health concerns

Approximately 20% of Canadians experience mental health illness during their lifetime, and many children grow up in households with a parent who is struggling with mental health issues. Mental health affects income, education and social functioning, making healthy parenting an everyday challenge. Building resilience in children is important for promoting well-being, and positive parenting practices can help families build resilience in children along with enhancing the mental health of caregivers.

Faculty: Andrea Feller, MD and Kassia Johnson, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Health advocate, Scholar

Topics: Mental health, Social paediatrics


Lunch (on your own)




What to do ‘til the rheumatologist arrives: Practical pearls for common rheumatic problems

This case-based seminar focuses on management strategies for children with a suspected rheumatic disease before evaluation by a paediatric rheumatologist. It highlights developing an evaluative approach to paediatric joint pain and joint swelling along with initial steps that can be taken for a child with suspected juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Finally, guidance on ordering and interpreting investigations for children with suspected arthritis, lupus, vasculitis and periodic fevers is offered.

Faculty: Mercedes Chan, MD and Karen Watanabe Duffy, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Scholar

Topics: Allergy and immunology, General paediatrics

Family physician




News you can use – Hot off the press from the Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program (CPSP)

The seminar describes findings from three CPSP surveys on paediatric health issues that feature in the media. From serious ATV related-injuries and death that continue to occur despite safety legislation, and public education initiatives, to adverse events associated with e-cigarette smoking, to the serious medical and mental health issues being seen in Syrian refugee children and youth, the CPSP provides current data on emerging health issues of interest to all Canadian paediatricians.

Faculty: Peter Gill, MD, Charles Hui, MD and Sarah Richmond, PhD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Health advocate, Scholar, Professional

Topics: Advocacy, Injury prevention

Family physician




Routine health supervision for children with medical complexity

Providing preventive care to children with medical complexity (CMC) is crucial. However, this is sometimes difficult to accomplish due to multiple conditions, acute illnesses and logistical constraints. This seminar presents a comprehensive and practical approach to the routine care of CMC, including collaborative goal-setting with the family, and evidence-based preventive care review. Instructors provide practical case-based examples with an emphasis on ‘pearls’ that can be tailored for individual practice settings.

Faculty: Julia Orkin, MD and Anindita Tjahjadi, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Communicator

Topics: Complex care, General paediatrics




Are all paediatric feeding and eating disorders created equal? Working with patients who have avoidant restrictive food intake disorder

This seminar provides an overview of restrictive paediatric feeding and eating disorders (EDs), with specific focus on avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID). Speakers share how various surveillance studies completed in Canada and worldwide have helped to shape our understanding of the spectrum of feeding and eating disorders, along with how they most commonly present and are optimally managed in children and youth.

Faculty: Debra Katzman, MD and Mark Norris, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert

Topics: Practice/office management, Mental health




Arrythmias: Interpreting paediatric ECGs

The workshop reviews the basics and allows participants to practice skills using a case-based format, with focus on interpretation. Additional ‘pearls’ for immediate management will also be discussed.

Faculty: Kevin Harris, MD

CanMEDS: Medical expert

Topics: General paediatrics


Health break


General Session


Opening Ceremonies

Meet this year’s recipient of the Alan Ross Award lifelong excellence in paediatric research, education, health care and advocacy.

“Why I Didn’t Say Anything”

Sheldon Kennedy won a Memorial Cup, a World Junior Gold Medal, and skated for three teams during an eight-year NHL career. Yet he is best known for his courageous decision to charge a former major junior hockey league coach with sexual assault, for the abuse Sheldon suffered over a five-year period while a teenager under his coach’s care. Through this disclosure, the resultant legal trials, and the important advocacy work that Sheldon continues to do on behalf of other victims, he has become an inspiration to millions of abuse survivors around the world.

Sheldon has been instrumental in bringing government representatives together with public and private sector partners to work collaboratively toward policy change and improving the ways that child abuse issues and cases are handled. He has influenced changes in Canadian law and taken his message to the International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Senate.

Sheldon is co-founder of Respect Group Inc., which provides empowering online abuse, bullying and harassment prevention education to sports organizations, schools and workplaces. In 2014, he received the Order of Canada, our highest civilian award, for his courage, fortitude, and his efforts to build hope and understanding around the abuse and maltreatment of young people.

CanMEDS: Medical expert, Health advocate

Topics: Child abuse and neglect, General paediatrics


Welcome Reception, with Trade Show

Before heading out for the evening, join friends and colleagues for a drink and hors d’oeuvres. This informal gathering celebrates the start of the 94th CPS Annual Conference.