Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program helps attendees make the most out of their experience at the CPS annual conference by pairing a paediatrician who has previously attended the conference with a resident and a medical student so the group can share information and experiences.


Whether you’re a medical student exploring a possible career in paediatrics or a paediatric resident, you can be a mentee!

We want you to feel welcomed, informed and inspired. As such, we will pair you with a mentor to get insiders’ tips on how to quickly navigate the conference like a pro.

A mentor is a returning CPS conference attendee that volunteers to guide you through the entire conference, including:

  • Speaking with you in advance of the meeting
  • Meeting you in person at a special meet-and-greet location (the Connect Lounge) on-site
  • Answering any questions you may have about the CPS annual conference

Become a mentee by signing up during the registration process and answering a few questions.


For CPS members and non-members who have attended in previous years, you know first-hand the CPS Annual Conference can be a bit overwhelming! You might even have left your first conference, not having taken full advantage of everything it had to offer.

But now, you know the inside strategies to navigate the CPS conference.

So why not volunteer to help direct fellow medical students and residents through this process?

By giving a bit of your time as a mentor, you’ll be paired up with a medical student and resident looking for guidance on how to explore and get the best out of the CPS Annual Conference.

You’ll be asked to reach out to them prior to the conference; meet in person on-site at a special meet-and-greet lounge area (the Connect Lounge) for morning coffee, open to you throughout the entire annual conference.

Become a mentor by signing up for this program during the registration process.

Connect Lounge (open Wednesday-Friday at 10:00 am)

Start building your network and making new friends by getting together each morning for coffee, where you will meet with your mentor or mentee and other CPS staff and volunteers!

Questions about the Mentorship Program?

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